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Kate Upton does a jaw-dropping impression of Marilyn Monroe's famous birthday song

We've all heard the comparisons. Blonde locks. Flawless figure. Those not-so-inconspicuous moles. And then there was Kate Upton's 2013 Vanity Fair cover in which there's no denying the similarities between her and the infamous Marilyn Monroe. 

And yet, our favorite bombshell has always rejected just those claims. "Clearly she had a dark side, and I don't have that," Kate told Vogue UK in a cover feature from April 2014. 


So when we stumbled upon a little gem from our 2014 SI Swimsuit photo shoot in Cook Islands, we knew Kate's loyal fans would be over the moon. While primping and prepping on set, Kate can be seen singing a familiar bar (fast forward to 1:44 mark) from the birthday song in a manner that sounds too familiar not to start drawing those old comparisons once again. 

To see Kate's impression of "Happy Birthday Mr. President" and all her hilarious behind the scenes moments on set, be sure to watch the full video above. 

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