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Get personal with Kate Upton, the world's most Googled model

It's not easy being the world's most Googled model. But somehow, Kate Upton does it with beauty and grace. 

A self-proclaimed gym addict and silver-screen star, Kate is a woman of seemingly endless talents. So when the four-time SI Swimsuit model got personal in a recent interview with the London Evening Standard Magazine, it's no surprise that we found ourselves even more impressed with the undeniably gorgeous blonde bombshell. 


Kate openly admits that last year's iCloud hacking scandal was "very invasion of my privacy and it's not OK," and has even "fantasized about deleting [her] social media accounts," but knows that her success in the digital world is ultimately what has and will continue to propel her career in a positive direction.


With poise and wisdom well beyond her years, the LA Clippers fan turned viral Internet sensation turned SI Swimsuit model turned social media maven has become a household name who inspires women of all sizes to embrace their curves and figure. "I'm happy to be seen as a good example," she said in a prior interview. "If I can help girls who are going through body-image issues, I think that's amazing."


For now, we're just going to bask in the fact that Kate is as fun as she is beautiful (even she can't say no to Tequila Tuesdays...who can?), and continue to beam with pride at her accomplishments in modeling, film, beauty and beyond! 

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