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This Photo of Lais Ribeiro’s Underwater Workout Is All the Motivation You'll Need Today

Go, Lais, go!

Our girl Lais Ribeiro is certainly no stranger to being in the water. From splashing in the crystal clear beaches of the Bahamas to taking a dip in some Costa Rican hot springs, this Brazilian beauty has gone for a swim all over the world.

In fact, you could pretty much call her a real-life mermaid:

But when it comes to her fitness routine, we’re used to seeing Lais crush her workouts on land...until now! Yesterday, Lais took to Instagram to post a photo of her training at the bottom of pool, and to say we are impressed would be an understatement. 

Talk about the ultimate summer workout!

Not to mention, this looks much more fun than being in a gym. We may need to give this underwater workout a shot!

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