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Meet My Dog: Jess Perez


Not only is Jessica Perez a three-time swimsuit model and one of the most beautiful women alive, she's also the proud owner of a dog named Sasha. SwimDaily caught up with Perez to ask her a few questions about her best friend and sleeping buddy.

Jessica Perez and Sasha :: Courtesy of Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez and Sasha :: Courtesy of Jessica Perez

SwimDaily: When did you get Sasha?

Jessica Perez: My ex-boyfriend and I adopted Sasha in 2010 from a rescue shelter called Dog Habitat Rescue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

SD: What breed is she?

JP: Sasha is a blue nose pitbull mix; I think she might have some French bulldog in her.

SD: Did you have a dog growing up?

JP: Yes, I had three shar-peis growing up and later on my parents got two beagles.

SD: What's the funniest thing she does?

JP: If I annoy her she will let out the longest, biggest, most dramatic sigh you can imagine.

SD: What's the most annoying thing she does?

JP: Occasionally she will decide that everything in my recycling bag needs to be torn up into a million pieces all over the house.

SD: Where does she sleep?

JP: She starts off sleeping in her own bed and then makes her way onto my bed in the middle of the night. She's usually tangled in my legs by the time I wake up.

SD: Where does she go when you travel for photo shoots?

JP: Sasha goes to either a daycare center called Happy Dogs or she stays with my ex-boyfriend.

SD: What does she do when you return home after a long day?

JP: Even if I leave the house for five minutes she's always waiting at the door to greet me, wagging her tail really fast and she starts jumping on me and licking my face.

SD: Whats your favorite memory of your dog?

JP: Sasha came from an abusive/neglected background so for the first few months she wouldn't let me pet her or go near her (this made walking her very interesting to say the least!). But suddenly one day I was packing for a trip and she got out of her bed and I heard footsteps behind me and I looked back and realized that she was following me around the house. I froze and almost broke down crying because it had taken so much effort and patience to win her trust and I couldn't believe that I had finally gotten through to her. From that moment on everything in our relationship changed and she started following me everywhere I went.

SD: What celebrity does your dog most remind you of?

JP: Does Bugs Bunny count? LOL!