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Find Out What was Lurking Beneath the Water During This Mia Kang Shot

Mia Kang gets in the water to take a Swimsuit shot with a school of hungry fish. 

"Like tiny, tiny cats' tongues licking you..."

What's that you say, Mia Kang? When we took our 2016 SI Swimsuit Model Search winner on her first official SI Swimsuit shoot, we knew we were in for a treat. Our model turned Muay Thai fighter has always been up for any challenge we put in front of her. 

So when we tasked Mia with getting in a river to pose half in and half out of the water, she didn't think twice about hopping in! Until someone mentioned the fish...


Despite having hundreds of small fish nibbling at her legs, Mia totally nailed this shot with photographer Ruven Afanador and unintentionally joined the ranks of SI Swimsuit models who have taken on wildlife in the name of the perfect shot. Remember Nina Agdal swimming in a pool of turtles, anyone? 

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