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Miami Swim Week Diary: Day 2

It's Alyssa again with another diary entry from Miami Swim Week. In case you missed it, here is a wrap-up of my first day in Miami.

Alyssa stands in front of the big board. :: Janine Berey/SI


Sunday, July 21st (7:00 a.m) - Rise and shine from sunny Miami for Day 2 of Swim Week. Janine Berey and I got dressed, swiped some scones and croissants from the hotel lobby and headed to the convention center to begin our day. I had not had my necessary morning cup of coffee (ask anyone who I work with, I drink at least six cups a day) so I made sure that was the first thing I found when we arrived. We signed in, received our press badges and entered a very crowded room. "They can't fit that many designers in here," I thought to myself, but I was way wrong. The space managed to hold around 800 booths, full of designers, swimsuits and accessories. Not knowing what to expect, I was overwhelmed but excited to start the day!



Sunday, July 21st (9:00 a.m) - We began our trek through the endless sea of booths. We split up and chatted with the designers we work with as well as some new friends we hope to work with in the near future. By noon, we had only made our way through four aisles and were not optimistic that we would even make a dent. I filmed some videos along the way, most will never see the light of day (phew)!


Sunday, July 21st (6:00 p.m) - After hours of chatting with designers, making selects, and working on custom piece ideas, we were spent but so happy to find so many AMAZING pieces. The big new trend of the year seems to be neoprene swimsuits. They're sexy and cute, while being edgy all at the same time. Another popular trend was neon! Everyone seemed to have some neon pieces scattered throughout their collections. You can see an example of this in the Tyler Rose collection below! Neon, neon, neon everywhere!!!!!


Sunday, July 21st (7:00 p.m) - After exiting the convention center, we chased down a cab and headed back to the hotel. We had only eaten a small salad from the convention center food court (gross fact of the day: Janine found a hair in her food), so we were famished. Janine and I binged on room service including, crudite, guacamole, lettuce wraps, and sushi! We organized business cards, talked about new designers we found in our travels and contemplated how many booths we visited and miles we walked. After dinner it was off to the Luli Fama & Wildfox shows for our last night in Miami (or so I thought at the time).

Check out the gallery below for pictures of the Convention Center & come back tomorrow for highlights from all the runway shows we attended!