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SI Swimsuit Unfiltered starring Kate Bock, Ariel Meredith & Nina Agdal

Have you ever spent the afternoon with Kate Bock, Ariel Meredith and Nina Agdal? Oh, didn't mean to rub it in your faces... #sorrynotsorry

​Regardless of your proximity, these three fabulous ladies are regulars here at SI Swimsuit and for good reason. With stellar personalities to match their unbelievable good looks, why wouldn't we keep asking them to come in and play? 

So when we decided to launch a new series called SI Swimsuit Unfiltered, we knew just who to call. And you better believe that Kate, Ariel and Nina were up for the challenge.

With topics ranging from untouchable jobs to the third-date rule, no question was off limits—you can thank us later. 

EPISODE #1: Who should get the cover of the first male SI Swimsuit issue? 
​                      Are speedos on guys hot or not? 
                      How young is too young to start modeling? 
                      What is the one shoot you will never do?

EPISODE #2: When should a model stop modeling?
                      Do you agree with Instagram's banned photo policy? 

EPISODE #3: What are the most irritating misconceptions about modeling?
                      What is the line between flattering and creepy?

EPISODE #4: Did you abide by the third date standard? 
                      Have you ever gone out on a date? 
                      Tell your most awkward story from an SI Swimsuit shoot. 

EPISODE #5: What was your family's reaction to your first sexy shoot?
                      What was the most shocking request you got before a shoot?

Watch the videos above to learn the answers to all of these tough (and somewhat scandalous!) questions, and be sure to come back to Swim Daily for more episodes of SI Swimsuit Unfiltered!

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