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Nina Agdal is a summer bombshell


Summer is here and there is no hotter SI Swimsuit model right now than Nina Agdal. Whether she's crushing on Justin Bieber, attending high school proms or frolicking on the volleyball court with her rocker boyfriend, Nina seems to be everywhere right now. So when Galore Magazine offered us a preview of its bombshell summer issue featuring Agdel on the cover, we jumped at the chance (though we highly recommend buying the issue since it also features swimsuit models Jessica Perez, Jessica Gomes, Natasha Barnard as well as swimsuit hopefuls Ashley Sky and Emily Ratajkowski. For now, here are some choice excerpts from Agdal's one-on-one interview with Alex Catarinella:

On Justin Bieber:"Oh my God, the Biebs! Justin is having a rough time. I just want to be there for him and support him. I think he's so cute! Imagine how much he has accomplished. I just think he's fucking cool man. I was at his concert front row and I was like, "Look at me!" I don't know if he saw me, but I really, really tried to get his attention."

On her Carl's Jr. commercial:"It premiered during Super Bowl which was really exciting. I love it but I was so nervous about my grandma seeing me in that way. She’s on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram everything! But she watched it and said I looked amazing. And really tan -- I was so tan! I had like three spray tans."

On her girl crush:

"I think Mila Kunis is sooo sexy. I mean, Rihanna blows me away -- she’s to die for. Rihanna, keep it up! You’re making the whole world happy by just looking at you."