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MUST SEE: Nina Agdal wears NOTHING but an Edge Shaving Cream bikini

Nina Agdal is no stranger to wearing a bikini. But a bikini made out of nothing but shaving cream? Well, that's a first!

In a new ad for SI Swimsuit 2016, Edge harnessed the spirit of our annual publication to create what is guaranteed to be the world's sexiest shaving cream ad EVER. 


There's just one question we can't help but ask—how do you keep that itty-bitty, faux bikini from sliding off? Edge’s unique shave gel formula was exactly what Nina needed to feel safe on set and helped us create this unforgettable look.

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“When all you're wearing is a bikini made from Edge Shave Gel, it's really important that it stays in place,” Nina said. “It gave me a layer of protection I needed on set.”

In case shaving cream bikinis aren't you're thing, we're happy to say that Edge Shave Gel also helps protect the skin from irritation when shaving. What can we say—a smooth shave means a confident man, and if you're looking to catch the eye of this Danish babe, confidence is EVERYTHING.

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Can't get enough of Nina's barely-there, shaving cream bikini? Be sure to check out SI Swimsuit 2016, which hits newsstands on Feb. 15, to see some of Nina's hottest snaps of all time! 

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