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Robyn Lawley on foreplay and the one thing a man should never do in the bedroom

Robyn Lawley discusses foreplay and the one thing a man should never do in the bedroom. 

SI Swimsuit model Robyn Lawley knows how to get what she wants. And based on a recent interview with MAXIM, that includes what she wants in the bedroom. 

The bombshell brunette has been making her mark on the fashion industry over the last few years, both as a model and swimwear designer. But when she's not comanding the attention of influencers and editors, you can find her at home soaking up time with her partner and baby girl, Ripley.

We're finally getting a glimpse into the more private (and seductive) side of who Robyn is, and we couldn't be happier to heed her advice on everything from how to knock a first date out of the park to how not to "blow things in the bedroom." 


On what turns Robyn on: "Presence, strength, and a good smile."

On what turns her off: "Lack of grooming. We girls have to go through so much, the boys can throw in a little effort too." 

On if there's such a thing as "too much foreplay": It depends on how good you are..."

On the one thing "a man should never do in the bedroom": "Never assume. It's about respecting each other and trusting each other. You might like something crazy, she might too, but just don't assume."

To read Robyn's full interview, check out the article online now.  

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