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Robyn Lawley on acceptance in the beauty industry: 'Why can't I just be me and be proud of my body as is?'

Robyn Lawley discusses the issues behind plus-size acceptance in the beauty industry. 

It's official: SI Swimsuit model Robyn Lawley has had enough with the double standard applied to plus-size girls in the beauty industry.

In a new interview with New York Magazine's The Cut, Robyn opens up about "looking 'plus,' not feeling good enough, and being dropped from beauty-job bookings once clients discovered her size." 

On commenters who don't think she looks "plus-size": "Conceptually, I don’t fit into these people’s perception of plus-size. Plus-size is a really broad term. If you're going to label sizes 8 to 18 plus-size, you're labeling the majority of women plus-size. I’m outraged just as much as they are, but are regular clients using girls that are my size? No. The only clients that are supportive of body diversity are plus-size clients." 


On teaching her daughter, Ripley, to love her body: "I don't want her freaking out about her weight. She’s going to be tall and curvy like me, I can already see it. She’s a three-year-old-sized month-old. Weight is so mind-numbingly dumb to worry about, unless it's to a point where it's affecting your health. Morbid obesity is not fun for your body. Neither is being severely underweight. It's about finding your natural weight and sticking with it."

Robyn Lawley on one-size-fits-all body image: 'It's kind of stupid.'

On why plus-size girls aren't getting beauty contracts: "My agency, when I signed with them, sent me out to all the beauty clients. My Italian agency did the same thing. I got booked from everyone. Then, as soon as they found out my size, they all dropped off.

"So, you looked at a photo, you booked a girl, found out she was plus-size, and then you unbooked her? That’s messed up. I can’t control my bone structure. I can’t get skinnier than my bones. I can’t. You can change the sample. I’m a designer — you don’t have to make the sample that size. You can easily change it, with your 1,000 seamstresses right there."

Check out the full interview online now, and prepare to fall even more in love with our favorite body-positive beauty! 

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