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Watch Ronda Rousey fight Michelle Rodriguez in high heels for Furious 7!

Has there been a week in 2015 when Ronda Rousey wasn't making news? At this point, we're proposing it be declared the Year of Rowdy Ronda. 

From her epic 14-second takedown of Cat Zingano to her 2015 SI Swimsuit appearance to her dramatic WrestleMania debut, Ronda is, quite literally, allover the map, in the best way possible. So it's no surprise that her Fast and Furious 7 debut is getting undisputed, rave reviews. 

Stealing the show, Ronda goes up against Furious regular Michelle Rodriguez for an all-out brawl in evening dresses and high heels. Yes, you read that right...Ronda is fighting in high heels and it doesn't get much sexier than that. 

With the scene set in a billionaire's penthouse in Abu Dhabi, Ronda and Michelle enjoyed the challenge of going up against each other (both have professional training and years of experience throwing punches). "It was the first-ever, long drawn-out action scene all in heels and all the falls were on marble floors," Ronda told People Magazine. "It looked so cool by the end of it, so I was happy to take the bumps."

Watch some BTS clips and footage from Ronda's Furious 7 appearance below, and be sure to go out and see the new movie—in theaters now!

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