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You won't believe Ronda Rousey's plans for her $10 million fight money


Ronda Rousey faces one of the toughest fights of her career when she squares off against Holly Holm in Melbourne on Saturday, but her mind is on much more important things. Specifically, the landscaping of her Santa Monica home. In an interview with USA TODAY, Rousey was asked how she plans on spending the $10 million she'll earn from the fight.

“I don’t have a (big) yard, it is a small little thing,” Rousey told the paper. “I kind of want to put vertical gardens on my walls because I don’t really have many plants except for I have ordered grass to come in so the dog can pee on it." 


For the non-horticultralists in the crowd, vertical gardens are popular for people with small yards, as it allows plants to grow in compact areas. You can get a good one on Amazon for $179, which should leave Ronda with a little leftover from her $10 million prize. 

Frugal, beautiful and tough -- no wonder Ronda is every man's dream. And now that she'll have a vertical garden, we don't think she could be more perfect! 

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