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Rookies who rocked 2014: Lily Aldridge

IF WE LEARNED anything about our strengths this year, it's that we know how to make a celebration special. In 2014 for the 50th anniversary issue, SI Swimsuit broke out the big guns with a whopping 12 rookies, and while it was probably the first time you'd heard of some of the girls, it would hardly be the last you'd hear from any of them. We're shimmying on into 2015 with a look back at some of our star first-timers and how they spent their rookie year.

Let's start with the one who made her mark early with a cover, Lily Aldridge. Last week, Lily gave us 2014 in her words:

My holy s*** moment: I mean...getting the SI cover! [Ed note: We swear we prompted for something other than the cover, and yet...]

My favorite red carpet look: Juan Carlos Obando for the Vanity Fair Oscars Party was fun and glamorous

Best thing I ate: Joe's Pizza

Best movie I saw: Interstellar

Best book I read: The Alchemist — I re-read it every year

Favorite new musical artist: Hozier

The funniest thing daughter Dixie, age 2, said: "What's the big idea?!"

Something I crossed off my bucket list: Seeing Christ the Redeemer in the hills of Rio via helicopter; it was truly incredible!

My New Year's resolution: I don't make resolutions because I can never keep them, haha

As for the rest of her 2014...

...Lily bowled us over with her dexterity on the Cook Islands.


Once she landed the cover...

...the rookie did a veteran's job of selling it.

She received style props from every which way...

...from Modelinia... Harper's Bazaar...

rookies-2014-lily-aldridge-harpers.jpg US Weekly.


She chilled with one of her BFFs Taylor Swift on one of the biggest nights of the singer's career.

She got to wear Michael Kors...


...and Tory Burch...


...and Prabal Gurung...


...and Thakoon (at a party she hosted, thankyouverymuch)...


...and a few methodically-placed panels of Calvin Klein.


As she is wont to do every year, Lily slipped into a few somethings more comfortable, like this...


...and this...


...and oh, hey, also, this.


She landed six or so big time covers — but then again, who among us haven't?

She appeared in a handful of modest videos...

Lily's year was so massive, in fact, her mom even got in on the action.


Yes, Lily Aldridge has had quite a year. But allow us to take you back to our favorite Lily moment of 2014, will you?

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