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Samantha Hoopes Uses Provocative, Wet T-Shirt to Ask Fans a Very Important Question

Samantha Hoopes leaves little to the imagination with this provocative, wet t-shirt. 

When we invited Samantha Hoopes back for her fifth year in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, we knew we were in for yet another adventure. One of the world's most beautiful women + one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands = a winning combination. 

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But little did we know, things were going to get heated before her shoot even started. In her fitting, we showed Samantha a crop top with the slogan "DO MY NIPPLES OFFEND YOU" on it and she was an instant fan. So when we found ourselves at a beachside pool the next afternoon, we knew just what to do! 

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Taking a dip in the little white tee, Samantha came out of the water and the results were as mesmerizing as you can imagine. 

"She is goals," wrote #SISwimSearch finalist Haley Kalil, when SI Swimsuit editor MJ posted the clip to her Instagram account. "It’s bs that this part of a woman’s body is deemed offensive. My photo was flagged the second I put it up because someone decided this particular part of a woman’s (but not a man’s) body is offensive. SLAY @samanthahoopes SLAY."


And slay she did. Samantha Hoopes, we've never loved you more! 

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