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Watch mystery models get wet on set for SI Swimsuit 2017!

Here's your sneak peek at the making of SI Swimsuit 2017!

You heard it here first—SI Swimsuit 2017 is bound to be our hottest year yet. Impossible you say? Then you haven't seen the sneak peeks coming from set. 

We can't tell you where in the world we are, but we can assure you that the second SI Swimsuit photo shoot of the year is off to one super sexy start. And thanks to a few snaps from our eyes and ears on location, it looks like things are getting a little wet and wild, too! 

This year we're inviting you to join us as we romp around the world, creating the sexiest magazine of the year. Get ready for some tempting teasers, people. Boobstagram is back! 

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