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These GIFs Will Take Your Love for Haley Kalil to the Next Level

From her killer good looks to her goofy personality, there's so much to love about this rookie!

We know what you're thinking–is it even possible to adore Haley Kalil any more than you already do?! But trust us, when it comes to having love for this red-headed beauty, the limit definitely does not exist.

Haley first swept us off of our feet when she submitted a video for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s first-ever open casting call...and the rest was history! After a magical photoshoot in Belize, the stunner from Minnesota earned herself a spot as a SI Swimsuit 2019 rookie. Now that's what we call a dream come true!

And Haley definitely didn’t disappoint when it came to her photos this year. It's safe to say that she brought the heat to all the way to Kenya! So without further ado, here are just a few reasons why we're lucky to have this self-proclaimed “nerd” turned model as a part of the SI Swimsuit family!

1. Her gorgeous freckles are out of this world.

2. She's not afraid to rock an unconventional swimsuit...

3. ...OR TWO!

4. Her smile is totally magnetic!

5. She was obviously born to be in front of the camera!

See all of Haley's SI Swimsuit 2019 photos: