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'Death by thong is a real on the job hazard' on the set of SI Swimsuit

"Running the show for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is a tough assignment but someone has to do it."

In a new, exclusive interview with Whalebone Magazine, SI Swimsuit's editor, MJ Day, is revealing everything from her most memorable travel destinations to her favorite trends in ladies swimwear for 2016.  

On where she is currently: "I can't tell you but it's stupid beautiful and there is the bluest water, the whitest beaches and the hottest bodies running around me!...(When told to be careful) Death by thong is a real on the job hazard in my line of work."

On the next trend for ladies swimwear: "I have seen some of the best one pieces EVER this year. These are not about covering up. Think modern Baywatch or Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin vibes....strong, sexy, confident."

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On her favorite town/place she's visited: "I mean #Antarctica with @derekkettela was seriously the most insanely beautiful and extreme and mindblowingly inspiring place I have ever been...And I live for Turkey. Live for it. It is the cradle of civilization." 

To read the full interview between MJ and Whalebone Magazine, check out the comments section of the Instagram post above. 

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