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Meet the #SISwimSearch Sweet 16!

Meet the ladies who will moving on to the next round of this year's #SISwimSearch!

We watched 7500+ videos on Instagram. We met over 3000 beautiful women in person in Miami. We narrowed the pool to 67 outstanding candidates. And then our Sweet 16 made their dreams come true on the SI Swimsuit x Paraiso runway in South Beach last week. 

That's the power of #SISwimSearch! So without further ado, we introduce the final 16 ladies who will continue on this journey with us as we look for the next great SI Swimsuit star! 


Name: Allyn Rose
Hometown: Newburg, MD
"I am most passionate about preventative healthcare. I had a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer after losing every woman in my family." 


Name: Mara Martin
Hometown: Monroe, MI
"My inspiration in life comes from many different things and people, but currently I'm inspired by my daughter, Aria, and my brother who is overseas serving our country."


Name: Sam Vrielink
Hometown: Miami, FL
"I want to use the SI Swimsuit platform to inspire others!"


Name: Veronica Pomee
Hometown: Perris, CA
"My inspiration comes from my ancestors, my family and my parents coming to America in search of happiness. I am my ancestors' wildest dreams!"


Name: Laura Woo
Hometown: Malibu, CA
"My biggest fear is living a life that doesn't impact others in a positive way."


Name: Tanaye White
Hometown: Southington, CT
"I want to use the SI Swimsuit platform to show women that you can be intelligent and sexy. You can follow your dreams at any age and anything is possible if you just give it your all..."


Name: Brooks Nader
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
"My inspiration comes from being rejected. It motivates me to defy the odds against me!"


Name: Anna Fritzdorf
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
"I am most passionate about making people feel good about who they are."


Name: Erin Willerton
Hometown: Bristol, England
"I want to use the SI Swimsuit platform to show that British girls have what it takes!"


Name: Manuela Hernandez
Hometown: Medellin, Colombia
"I am most passionate about spreading positivity and making a change by being a part of the amazing self-acceptance movement."


Name: Kristen Rorie
Hometown: San Diego, CA
"My inspiration comes from my family. My boys inspire me to be the best, and my husband chases his dreams and grinds every day."


Name: Jessica Aidi
Hometown: Paris, France
"I want to use the SI Swimsuit platform to show that no matter what background you have, beauty comes from so many different points of view."


Name: Jazzmine Carthon
Hometown: Compton, CA
"I have no fears. I believe that things always work out the way they should, so why worry and why be fearful?"


Name: Raine Michaels
Hometown: West Lake Village, CA
"I want to use the SI Swimsuit platform to break beauty standards, advocate for things I'm passionate about, and make other young girls feel beautiful."


Name: Tara Yazdi
Hometown: Orange County, CA
"I feel sexiest when I first walk in a room full of people."


Name: Ashanti Moore
Hometown: Chicago, IL
"I am most passionate about empowering both women and men to just be their true selves! Be unapologetic about who you are."

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