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Model Turned Designer: Sofia Resing's New Swimwear Line Is the 90s Throwback of Your Dreams

Model Sofia Resing has teamed up with designer Mery Racauchi to create her debut swimwear line. 

Eye-catching colors. High-leg cuts. And all the scrunchies you never thought you'd see again. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Sofia Resing is launching her debut swimear line and it's a 90s baby's dream come true!

Sofia teamed with Argentinian fashion designer Mery Racauchi to create an exclusive and unforgettable swimwear collection, MERY PLAYA by SOFIA RESING. The line, which launched today, was inspired by Mery's signature logo, the Pegasus. The mythical winged creature acted as the perfect muse for a collection that is as whimsical as it is practical to wear. 


"I’ve been working with numerous swimsuit brands throughout my modeling career, and working with Sports Illustrated will forever be one of my proudest memories and achievements," Sofia told SI Swimsuit. "Launching my own swimsuit line MERY PLAYA with Mery Racauchi is beyond any excitement that I’ve known — being on the creative side and not just the model, designing each piece using my experience and Brazilian heritage has been really fun to bring my vision into life!"


Throughout her modeling career, Sofia had a dream of desiging her own line to fit all body types. She envisioned a line that put a modern twist on classic styles and offered a fresh approach with pastel coloring. And MERY PLAYA is just that! So whether you're louging poolside in LA or find yourself on a beach in Bora Bora, there's something from the 5-piece MERY PLAYA debut collection to fit all of your needs. (BONUS: All the pieces feature a baby pink lining to support female empowerment!)


What are you waiting for? Shop the MERY PLAYA by Sofia Resing line now, and let us know where you'll be rocking your new favorite suit!  

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