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Video Mailbag: Ariel Meredith (Part 2)


Last month, Ariel Meredith stopped by the SwimDaily offices and we asked you to send us questions. We got so many that we decided to create a Part 2 of her mailbag (click here for Part 1).  If you’re not familiar with Ariel, she’s a native of Shreveport, Louisiana and three-time SI Swimsuit model (2009, 2010, 2013). She likes to work out upside down and watch Golden Girls reruns. Here are some highlights from the video mailbag.

On whether people were mean to her while she modeled in high school: "It was 50-50. You can never please anybody. As far as it helping my dating life? Not really." 

On the perfect place to take her on a first date:"Sometimes it's just nice to go for a walk in the park. Go for a nice dinner. When you think too much about the perfect place to take me on a first date it never goes as planned and then you end up hating it."

On the three essential beauty products she keeps on her at all times:"I like keeping a little lip balm. I love Clean & Clear blotting wipes. Especially now that it's getting a little warmer out you want to always make sure you're not so sweaty. Especially living in New York. Also, Id have to say hand sanitzer. that may not be a beauty product but for me it's like, cleanliness is everything. And a bottle of water because guess what - H2O is good for your skin."