Q&A: My Favorite Junk Food

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In 1991, Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep starred in a movie called Defending Your Life. In the film, Brooks dies and is sent to the afterlife, where he meets Streep and tries to convince a panel of judges that he is fit to advance to the next stage of existence. The plot isn't that important -- what matters is that when Brooks and Streep are on trial in purgatory, they are allowed to eat whatever they want with no repurcussions. In other words, they could scarf down a pepperoni pizza with a side of bacon and not gain an ounce. We asked SI Swimsuit models Adaora, Alyssa Miller, Nina Agdal, Cintia Dicker, Emily DiDonato, Katherine Webb and Natasha Barnard to name the one type of junk food they wish they could eat without gaining a pound. Nina and Cintia chose burgers, Natasha chose cupcakes and Adaora chose carrot cake. Emily chose pizza, which makes sense since she used to work at a pizza place. The best answer, however, came from Alyssa: "I love In-N-Out and Shake Shack and pizza and pasta and candy and cake and cupcakes and brownies and cookies." Unfortunately, the models aren't characters in Defending Your Life and must stick to the same diet rules as anyone else. How else would they get their beach bodies so perfect?