Throwback Thursday: Ariel Meredith turns 28 tomorrow—time to revisit Baby's First SI Swimsuit shoot

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 ​​I LOVE searching the archives for images of our current models during their rookie shoot—there is something really endearing about the determination you see in some of their outtakes to master the art of SI Swimsuit modeling. Compare Ariel Meredith's Mexico shoot for SI Swimsuit 2009 to her latest one in Switzerland. You can see the Louisiana-native grow more comfortable with the camera from one issue to the next by the increasing ratio of smiles to sexyface* with each passing year And that ever-present smile is just one of the many reasons we like having Ariel around. You can witness some of the other reasons in the video and gallery below.

*it's a technical term

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VIDEO: Portrait of the Model as a Young Hottie

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GALLERY: Ariel hits the beach (full size)