Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Casting Call: Lilly Sanders

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SI Swimsuit 2016 castings are under way, and as we search for the world's most beautiful women, we invite you to follow along on our journey through the infamous Swim Daily casting call posts. That means when we meet SI Swimsuit hopefuls, so will you! 

Next up is Lilly Sanders, a beautiful Floridian who isn't afraid to jump into a freezing ocean in the name of a great photo! And while there's no mistaking that gorgeous smile, did you know that Lilly loves to watch the Miami Heat take the floor? That's right, boys, she's a looker AND she loves sports! 

Join along as she plays "Never Have I Ever" in the video above, and be sure to check out her bio below where she'll reveal her favorite dish to cook, the song she loves to sing in the shower, and so much more!

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BONUS: See some of Lilly​​'scareer highlights below!


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