Gigi Hadid reveals more than a little skin as she joins the LOVE Club

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It's easy to fixate on Gigi Hadid's scantily-covered figure on the new cover of LOVE Magazine, but it's the eye-opening feature inside that has us falling even more in love with our favorite blonde bombshell. 

Joining a star-studded cast, including our own Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi lays it all out for the magazine, talking about everything from her life-long dream of being a supermodel to where exactly she learned her signature catwalk strut.  

On her Vogue covers: "I was always told as a kid that you need five Vogue covers to be a supermodel. I don't know if I consider myself a supermodel but that was what I was told you need to do...I think I got six, shooting another tomorrow, comes out in a couple of weeks in the UK. Crazy, right?"

On her highly-critiqued catwalk walk: "I was with Naomi a couple of weeks before the VS show. She said, 'Don’t apologize; don’t do it. You are perfect the way you are. Everyone said my walk was weird too.'" 

On Internet trolls: "We define a troll as someone that’s hiding behind their computer, putting out negativity and not realizing that their words are actually words and that we’re actually people that are reading them."

To read the full interview, be sure to check out this month's issue of LOVE

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