Sofia Resing thinks one thing is better than chocolate

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The only thing better than chocolate is... It starts with an "s"...

But it's not what you think! When we first brought SI Swimsuit rookie Sophia Resing in to the studio before SI Swimsuit Launch Week, we instantly fell in love. With that flawless figure and adorable giggle, what's not to like? 

SI Swimsuit 2016 Rookie Reveal: Sofia Resing

Turns out the Brazilian babe, who's best known for her work with L'Oreal, is also one of the most captivating people we've ever met. Want to know when she feels sexiest or how you can get her number? We've got the answers and so much more. 

Be sure to watch her "Fill in the Dots" video above, and keep coming back to Swim Daily for updates on all the ladies of SI Swimsuit! 

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