The ladies of SI Swimsuit share advice for what to wear on a date

The ladies of SI Swimsuit share advice for what to wear on a big date. 
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Last week week, Ashley Graham, Nina Agdal and Kate Bock shared their advice for how to avoid having a bad date. And this week, they're back at it with tips for how to dress to impress! 

"My husband likes me with no makeup on and a ponytail," Ashley explained. "He doesn't even care about the body con because he gets that later. Guys kind of like the natural look. They want to make sure they can wake up next to you." 


Skintight cocktail dresses? Nah. A face full of makeup? Try again! 

"I think that you just have to be comfortable, whatever you're wearing, you have to be comfortable in it," Nina revealed. "It can look good, but if you're not feeling good in it, you're going to be uncomfortable the whole night."

But don't be fooled! Despite how great our ladies look on the red carpet, even they aren't immune to the pain of high heels. 

"If it was up to me, I would never wear heels," Nina admitted. "But for a good date, I would put on that. For a guy, it's a button-down and a simple pair of jeans." 

The takeaway? Keep it simple when trying to #GetYourEdge, and you might just be able to impress these gorgeous ladies! 

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