Rose Bertram shows off her skills on set with SI Swimsuit

Laugh along with Rose Bertram in her hilarious SI Swimsuit 2017 outtakes! 
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Rose Bertram is back for an epic third year with SI Swimsuit, and we're happy to tell you that her bloopers do not disappoint this year. That's right—it's outtakes time! 

We've told you more than once or twice that being an SI Swimsuit model has its challenges. Shooting with live animals, anyone? But this year in Curaçao, it was the wind and waves causing problems for our favorite Belgian beauty. But from struggling to manage those amazing curls to making it appear that her soccer skills might rival her beau's, there wasn't anything our girl Rose wasn't up for! 


Rose was shot by Ben Watts, and gladly embraced all of his crazy ideas with fervor. Did you see that photo of her balancing fruit on her head? And while you may not be able to look past that sexy gaze, it's her infectious laugh that stands out to us on this shoot! 

Be sure to watch the full clip above to see all of the hilarious moments from Rose's SI Swimsuit 2017 shoot! 

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