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Andie Swim’s Latest Campaign Highlights the Beauty of All Women

The brand showcases 65 regular women of different body types to show off how one swimsuit fits perfectly on everyone.

Last year Andie Swim saw great success with their “TOGETHER” campaign, featuring actress Demi Moore with her daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis and showcasing some of Andie’s most-loved styles. Now, the swimwear brand is doing it again with their latest campaign, Comfortable Looks Good on You. This time, however, it is regular women stepping in front of the camera to model the Amalfi suit. “We're so grateful to the 65 women from all walks of life who came out of their comfort zones to help other women find their perfect suit,” says Michelle Copelman, Andie’s vice president of brand and design.

Image Courtesy of Andie Swim

Image Courtesy of Andie Swim

The campaign was a year in the making from concept to launch, but the reaction has been better than anyone could have expected. “In a landscape where many brands are trying to fit into the narrative of inclusivity, it was important for us to create this moment to celebrate our customers and illustrate that inclusivity is not simply a bandwagon to climb aboard – it’s ingrained in our philosophy,” Copelman adds. “This campaign is an homage to Andie’s core customer, which is any woman who wants to feel confident in their own skin.” Below read more about the shoot day and how Andie is really putting its customers first when it comes to honoring feedback and requests.

How did you come up with this concept?

“I conceived the idea and executed it alongside the entire Andie team. We wanted to highlight each individual solo experience while the women were being photographed – each woman had their hair and makeup professionally done (some of them for the first time!) and we curated a playlist with and for each woman so that they felt comfortable on set. The intimacy on shoot day was moving and the level of personalization while unifying all women was groundbreaking.”

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It really is a wonderful idea... What has the reaction been?

“It’s been incredibly moving. We still have customers reaching out to ask when we’ll be doing this again. Our relationship with our customers is key and the fact that so many women wanted to participate shows Andie’s connection to ALL modern women, despite race, size, age and any other qualifying orientation.”

So many times when browsing sites, women only see models of one size showcasing a look. The idea to show a variety of women can be so helpful. What is that feedback specifically?

“Our goal in creating this campaign was to do exactly that – ensure that there was visual representation for the same size but on different body types. The fact that each woman is shining with her own personality, while all wearing the same suit is proving the idea that women can help other women find their comfort – not just in a swimsuit, but in their own bodies and minds.”

What makes the Amalfi the best swimsuit ever made (aside from the Amalfi Coast being one of the best places on Earth!)?

“The Amalfi is the best swimsuit ever because it truly looks stunning on everybody. It’s one of Andie’s best-sellers, and we’ve consistently heard from customers that they’ve re-purchased this suit because it’s the perfect fit! It has medium bust and bottom coverage, removable cups and adjustable straps so that women can feel stylish and supported regardless of the occasion. The fabric has a compressive lining and enough stretchiness for all-day comfort.”

Can you see this campaign expanding?

“Absolutely! We hope to bring this type of photo shoot to life in another location in the future. We’d love to recreate this concept with some other best-selling, customer favorites in key markets where we saw a lot of participation interest.”

How did you find the women?

“We had an open call to Andie customers and fans who identify as women to join us onsite at a photo shoot in New York City to show off the Amalfi suit. We emailed our entire customer database as an open call asking them to participate. Once we landed on a location and date, the list of participants became more focused.”

When doing research for this, what did you learn that most women find comfortable?

“I found that women are most comfortable when they don’t need to conform. Especially in the swim market, fabric and silhouette are key – being allowed, encouraged and enabled to enjoy what one is doing is key. Andie suits are meant to help create life’s most sweet and memorable moments.”

Wearing a swimsuit can make a woman feel vulnerable, what do you hope to accomplish with this campaign and even in the suits you design?

“I hope that women know that Andie is dedicated to changing that reality. Yes, we set out to create the ‘perfect universal swimsuit,’ but we have also listened to our customers and audience. By seeing all unique women, not models in swimsuits, I hope women start truly believing that it does not matter what size you are or what shape you are. There is a swimsuit out there that you can enjoy your life in. Andie is not only a leader and a resource for women but knows how to have fun and create a little bit of magic for everyone.”

When are you your most comfortable?

“I love this question. I think of comfort as freeing. I feel the most comfortable when I’m in a space feeling supported by loved ones; it doesn’t hurt to be at the beach. I find the sound of the ocean the most comforting!”