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Beauty Evolution: Lauretta Houston

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SI Swimsuit photographer Laretta Houston took an unusual path to her place behind the lens.

Her unique background gives her a powerful perspective as she sees each project as a personal journey. Her eye for capturing beauty led her to photograph Tyra Banks in 2019 for the issue’s cover. Houston returned to the SI Swimsuit fold in 2022, photographing five WNBA stars in St. Thomas.

 “Beauty means a lot to everybody, right?” she says. “It's different for everybody. For me, I like to pull out the beauty that they've never recognized. As a photographer, I would like to pull that out and show that to them. I like to see them smile. I hope that I’m able to shape someone’s life every time I put them in front of my camera.”

Beauty Evolution


We determine our beauty, not the eye of the beholder. From an early age, women are judged by their hair, the color of their skin, their clothes, and their bodies. Journey with our SI Swimsuit models as they discuss their beauty evolution, how they came to accept, honor, and embrace their bodies and beauty, and how they are rewriting the narrative on what it means to be powerful, beautiful, and who they are meant to be.