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Ashley Graham Shows Off Postpartum Body in Bold IG Post

The queen of self-love strikes again.

Ashley Graham took to Instagram earlier this week to post a video and a series of photos once again demonstrating an inspiring level of self-love and body appreciation. In the first slide of her carousel, the SI Swimsuit cover model poses naked on her bed, strategically placing herself among a pile of pillows. The second slide is an image of a crop of a classic Renaissance painting of a woman’s curvy body draped in blue fabric, and the final image in the carousel is a close-up shot of the folds on a woman’s body, likely Graham’s.

The caption accompanying the visuals is truly the cherry on top. She entitled the post “Made in the image of God,” reminding women everywhere that they are beautiful just as they are.

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Graham has consistently preached self-love at every size, and has been especially vocal in recent years about appreciating her pregnant—and then postpartum—body. The 34-year-old shared photos through her pregnancies, highlighting her stretch marks and talking about her changing body, and often offers her insights into the realities of being a mother of three boys under the age of 3.

Comments from followers applaud the model’s message. One comment reads, “This makes me feel better, our curves are divine.” Another reads, “Thank you for demonstrating to us how to love our postpartum bodies. Or just our bodies in general. We really need to see beautiful women like yourself lead the way 😍 👏👏👏👏👏”