Ashley Graham’s Baby Bump Photos Are a Lesson in Body Positivity

The model recently gave birth to twins.

It can be difficult for many expecting moms to feel comfortable in their own skin. After all, pregnancy comes with aches, pains, a changing waistline and stretch marks. But Ashley Graham—who recently announced that she had given birth to twin boys— proves once again that it’s important to embrace our bodies at every stage of life by sharing lots of unfiltered photos of her growing baby bump.

The 2016 SI Swimsuit cover model, who shares 2-year-old son Isaac with husband Justin Ervin, announced she was expecting twin boys last September. And since announcing her pregnancy, the body positivity advocate hasn’t shied away from posting photos of her unedited baby bump to Instagram.

In December, Graham posted several pics showing off her bump in a bikini, workout gear and completely nude. Later, as her bump grew, she proudly displayed stretch marks, writing, “Justin says my stretch marks look like the tree of life.”

Sadly, a negative follower commented on her appearance, saying that the stretch marks could damage her modeling career. Of course, the podcast host clapped back. “Gosh — hope I still have a career with my stretch marks,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories in response to the remark.

The negativity didn’t stop the 34-year-old from sharing more photos. In the months that followed, she posted stunning images capturing every curve, bump and blemish that comes along with pregnancy. And she proved just how beautiful (and sexy) the difficult process can be.

On Jan. 1, Graham revealed she had reached full term, but there were still no babies. "Due dates are just a suggestion. Babies will always come on their birthday," she wrote alongside an intimate image showing how incredible women's bodies are. "I love that majestic bump," commented SI Swimsuit editor-in-chief MJ Day.

In the most recent pic before giving birth, the mom again displayed that confidence by posing in just a green sweater, proudly revealing stretch marks, cellulite and weight gain.

Now, the new mom is taking a break from social media after welcoming her sons a few days ago. We’re so happy she’s taking time to bond and can’t wait to follow along on her latest journey!

Jordi Lippe-McGraw


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