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Swim Search Beauty Talks: Tanaye White

Find out how this SI Swim Search finalist rocks her look.

Welcome to our Beauty Talks Series! The final six models of the 2020 SI Swim Search class are here to share some of their best beauty tips, hacks and product must-haves. Check out our chat with Tanaye White:

SI: Best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

TW: Stop touching your face! Many of the acne issues we have can be solved if we just stop transferring the dirt and oils from our fingers to our face.

SI: How would you describe your beauty aesthetic?

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TW: My beauty aesthetic is simple. I like to look as natural and dewy as possible and provide some TLC to areas like my eyebrows, which are nonexistent. (Ha!)

SI: Beauty products that you use everyday?

TW: I use Farsali Rose Gold Elixir every day. It makes you glow, honey! You can wear it with or without makeup and it’s great for those with dry skin.

SI: Beauty products that are always in your purse?

TW: Carmex cherry chapstick, dental floss,and allergy medicine (to get rid of those red eyes).

SI: What does your skincare routine look like?

TW: I do this routine daily:

  1. Facial wash: Aveeno Positively Radiant daily scrub
  2. Toner: Pixi Glow Tonic
  3. Serum: Mario Badescu Vitamin C
  4. Moisturizer: Clinique Moisturizing Lotion+
  5. Facial Spray: Cocoa Shea Rose Water Mist

SI: Products you swear by?

TW: I swear by Farsali Elixir for an everlasting glow and anything by Mario Badescu especially if I’m having a bad breakout.

SI: Favorite face masks?

TW: I love Tony Moly masks. I stock up on them any chance I get. I am also loyal to Freeman’s Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask. It smells amazing.

SI: Favorite way to wear your hair?

TW: I love wearing my ’fro out, but I have a habit of finger twirling my hair which isn’t good so I usually wear my hair with two strand twists into a bun.

SI: Hair products you can’t live without?

TW: I am a diehard fan of SheaMoisture’s Manuka Honey and Yogurt collection. And I love Camille Rose’s ultimate growth serum. It’s great for your scalp and nails.

SI: Best DIY hair mask you’ve tried?

TW: Haven’t found my favorite yet. But I did try an olive oil and egg concoction which left me with cooked egg in my hair.