Dive Into These Delicious Montenegrin Foods with Katie Austin

From fine-dining to street-food, tour Montenegro with Katie Austin.

In this episode of “Explore With Swim”, SI Swimsuit rookie Katie Austin takes us on a food tour of Montenegro.

Bakery Breakfast

Starting the day bright and early, Austin meets up with her tour guide, Katarina Kastratovic, for a classic Montenegrin breakfast. They visit Good Food Bakery and order burek, a traditional pastry filled with meat that is popular for breakfast and can be found at bakeries throughout the country.

“Wow, oh my gosh, burek everybody. This is so good, it’s really fluffy and light and the seasoning on the meat is perfect,``says Austin.

Street Snack

After a little drive, Austin visits the Stari Bar Old Town for some shopping. “I feel like this is very ‘old town Europe', it’s so cute. It’s so quaint and pleasant here,” she says.

While exploring the town and its historic ruins, Austin stops by a pomegranate juice vendor. Pomegranate juice is a quintessential Montenegrin drink so, of course, she has to give it a try.

Home-cooked Lunch

After a morning of exploring, it is time to head to a home-cooked lunch with a local family. “My mom and I cook together all the time,” says Austin. “It’s all about family for us, and I’m actually Slavic myself so this is what I’m most excited for.”

She is welcomed into the home of Nina Kovacevic and her grandmother, Bojana Kovacevic, for a lunch filled with homemade goodies. Bojana makes everything from scratch, including all the cheeses, milks and yogurts. The meal starts with a toast with a local liquor called Rakija, which is similar to a moonshine in strength, and then Austin and her hosts enjoy a beautiful spread of pies, meats and cheeses.

Fine-Dining Dinner

For the final stop, Austin visits Villa Geba for a chic dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Muse. Before the meal, chef Olivia Meli takes Austin through everything she is going to be served and explains the concept behind Muse. “You are going to try a little taster from our new autumn menu,” says Meli. “This is inspired by what’s growing in our garden, so it changes every season.”

While enjoying the stunning view of Sveti Stefan Island, Austin samples the modern, farm-to-table-focused cuisine.

“What an amazing day. I feel like one of the best ways to be immersed in a new culture is to try all the food and we did it all today,” says Austin. “From street food to fine dining and everything in between, I feel like I really understood everything about Montenegrin food.”

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