Georgina Burke Is Launching a Self-Tanner

The Aussie model knows a thing or two about that perfect glow.
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Georgina Burke might be a sought-after model, but she’s taking her expertise from having grown up on the beach in Australia and turning it into a business. Multiple businesses, in fact. The 2022 SI Swimsuit rookie first created a fully adjustable, size-friendly swimwear line called Burke NYC, and now she’s entering the self-tanner market. Launching on November 15, BURKE will be the body-positivity activist’s latest venture featuring four products: The Removed Tan, The Polishing Mitt, The Buffer Mitt and The Confidential self-tanner. Recently we chatted with the model about the launch and tested the product out, too!

Here’s what Burke had to say about her new self-tanning products.

What was the inspiration behind the tanner?

“There are two parts to the inspiration behind my tan. First and foremost, I can achieve a golden glow while reducing exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, UV rays can be harmful and cause serious skin damage (which I’ve experienced firsthand) and skin cancer in the worst case. I cannot get the look I want without applying cooking spray (ridiculous, I know!) and lying in the sun like I did when I was young. Second, to me, a tan embellishes what’s good underneath. It accentuates my body tone and tone of the skin and makes me feel like I’m putting a stocking over my skin to give me that added definition, and I want to bring that feeling to others.”

How is it different from what’s available on the market?

“I worked to create a tan using the safest available products. Unfortunately, I have sensitive skin, and the rashes aren’t cute. After modeling for 12 years, one would hope I have learned a thing or two. However, having self-tanned for most of those years, I found what worked and didn’t. This tan does not peel off like crocodile skin, nor make you smell like a baked turkey. Cue the tan remover (The Removed Tan). I love a tan, but I also love removing it to have a fresh base to re-tan or go au natural. Each product, down to the mitts (The Polishing Mitt and The Buffer Mitt) I’ve created, ensures you have the most flawless tan when applied and the ability to remove your tan when wanted while keeping your skin hydrated and exfoliated”


What are you most excited about?

“It’s hard being a one-woman show and getting a product off the ground. So now, it’s three women’s teams to get the product to market. I started two years ago when I was bored during COVID and knew if I had to wear one more bad tan for work, I would flip, so I started researching chemists and enlisted my two best mates, Mary and Brit, to keep me on track and get orders out the door. I’m most excited about working with my mates to bring a product I have loved and used for many years to more people. Yes, I tried the product for that long. I made every single model friend try it as well. It’s just tan, but it’s already been in every major campaign I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of, from my Sports Illustrated shoot to Lauren Ralph Lauren. My best mate also wore it for Victoria’s Secret! So it’s been around, and it’s finally ready to hit the market for everyone!”

And here's what I thought after trying the products.


First, I tried the tan eraser. The product had a fairly neutral smell, which was nice, as scents can sometimes be overpowering. Meanwhile, the mitt was super exfoliating. So, if you have sensitive skin, it might be too much. I could see the tan coming off in the shower. But it’s hard to tell if it was because of the product or just the strength of the mitt. Overall, it did a good job removing most of the tan.

As far as the self-tanner, it has olive undertones and a neutral smell. The mitt it comes with is amazing and helps the tan apply evenly. Though it doesn’t have a sticky feeling, it transfers onto your clothes like any other tan I’ve used. Of course, that means your sheets will probably get dirty. But it gives you a more natural-looking glow. So it might not be the best pick if you want a dramatic tan, but, for a nice soft tan/glow, it’s good.

I’m still unsure how it will come off; I need to wait a few days to see if it’s splotchy on removal. But my first impressions are that I like it, with the mitt being the best part.

Shop all of Burke’s products at Burke NYC.

Jordi Lippe-McGraw


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