How SI Swimsuit Models Get Rid of Pre-Show Jitters

Walking down the runway can be nerve-racking.

Miami Swim Week is upon us, which means the annual iconic SI Swimsuit fashion show at PARAISO Miami Beach is just around the corner (July 16). Each year the franchise hosts a runway show, featuring its stable of models wearing the latest trends in swimwear. The show always garners tons of attention. But with so much hype comes a lot of nerves for the models. With that in mind, we decided to catch up with a few models ahead of this year’s event and find out their top tips for nixing those pre-show jitters. Here’s what they had to say.

Marquita Pring practices in the mirror

“I practice in the mirror to some of my favorite songs with a good beat,” says Pring. “I also love to watch videos of other models. I love to pump myself up. Watching Naomi [Campbell] strut just makes you feel invincible. Lastly, I try to relax and just be confident. Trust that you’ve got this, and have fun with it. Walking the runway is such an exciting rush!”

Ashley Callingbull listens to music

“Listening to music pumps me up,” shares Callingbull, a 2022 Swim Search finalist. “I also tell myself to have the most fun, and I always do a little jumping up and down before I head out on the runway. It gets my body moving and excited to strut the runway!”

Katrina Scott chats with other models

Katrina Scott at the Sports Illustrated Runway Show - PARAISO Miami Beach

Katrina Scott at the Sports Illustrated Runway Show - PARAISO Miami Beach

“I was so excited and nervous last year. I watched previous years’ shows on YouTube, so I knew what to expect! It helped me to connect with all of the girls before the show,” says Scott, who walked in last year’s SI Swim show while in the middle of IVF treatments. “The night before the event, we all practiced together and had a ton of fun. The stage was already set up, so we did some practice rounds and cheered each other on. Brian [my husband] brought me some bubbly right before I walked out! Of course, it helps that we’re barefoot and not in high heels.”

Brooks Nader does a silly dance

“I focus on breathing. Even I forget to do this sometimes: don’t hold your breath. I take a deep breath and own it,” says Nader, who first walked in SI Swimsuit’s 2018 Miami runway show. “I remember that it happens very quickly, so enjoy it. Take your time walking down the runway, don’t rush. And this sounds crazy, but I will do a crazy dance to get all my nerves out, and if I’m really anxious and nervous, I may or may not take a shot of tequila.”

Jordi Lippe-McGraw


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