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Natalie Mariduena is pretty much having the best year ever. Not only is she starring on a Discovery Channel travel show having just appeared in the 2022 SI Swimsuit Issue, but the content creator also recently purchased her own home in Los Angeles. And she made it a girl boss’s dream.

First, she converted the screening room into a closet. “The whole reason I bought the house was that there was a screening room at the backside of the house that I transformed into my dream walk-in closet," says Mariduena. “There’s a couch in it now, and I have my glam stuff and clothes hanging. It looks like a little store when you walk in. It’s the dream.”

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While much of the house is modern with, as she describes, “classy chic white structured furniture,” the 25-year-old decided to make one room pop. “The back side of the house has another sitting room that I call the pink room,” she says. “I have a pink piano in there; we painted the fireplace pink; we have like all sorts of funky pink art everywhere. So it’s like pink, pink, pink, pink, pink.”

You might assume that Mariduena hired an interior designer to craft her dream home, but she did everything herself. “My best friend, Reggie, and I designed it together,” she explains. “We bought all the furniture and finished it pretty quickly and efficiently. My only goal left this summer is to work on the landscaping.”

And even though this is the influencer’s first home, she still has one roommate: her mother, Jenn. “The home is bungalow style and has a tiny house in the back where my mom lives,” says Mariduena. “I’m so happy I can have a place for her to be there, too. It’s the perfect place for me."