Creating Success in 2024: A Guided Sound Bath Meditation With Sharina Gutierrez

This week, the SI Swimsuit rookie leads viewers through mantras focused on celebrating little and big victories.
Sharina Gutierrez

Sharina Gutierrez.

Welcome to Mama Mantra Mondays with Sharina Gutierrez! Throughout the month, the 2024 SI Swimsuit rookie will lead a sound bath meditation focused on a specific mantra or affirmation to help center the mind and hone the energy for the week to come. By the end of January, you’ll have the tools necessary to help create the life you desire. 

So far this month, model, entrepreneur, mother and sound guide Sharina Gutierrez has helped us build a foundation of gratitude, create abundance and practice patience through her guided sound bath meditations. This week, the 2023 Swim Search co-winner and ’24 rookie is sharing a lesson on creating success in the year ahead. 

“[This week] is about success. So, even through the journey of manifesting what you want or creating this abundant life for yourself, you have to celebrate all the little and the big steps,” Gutierrez says. “So, episode number four is all about the mantras of just celebrating all forms of success and all levels of success no matter how big the step is, no matter how small the step is.”

Episode 4: Success

An important part of the journey of manifestation, Gutierrez says, is being grateful for all of the good things happening in your life. Below, join the Mama Mantra founder in setting this week’s intention of celebrating the little and big victories along the way. 

“I am successful / I am accomplishing so much beauty in my life / What I’m manifesting I am successful and it’s bringing financial security into my life / Success is my best friend / I am a vision of success / I am rooted with success and love / I am grateful for the success that I am experiencing in my life / I am successful.”

Tune in next Monday, Jan. 29, for the fifth and final installment in the Mama Mantra meditation series, as Gutierrez returns with a powerful meditation about love.

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