We’re Obsessed With Megan Rapinoe’s Recent Style

Check out her latest edit with Victoria’s Secret.

Megan Rapinoe’s style is both personalized and versatile. Her looks have a certain something to them which cannot be replicated. Is it the ever-changing hair color on her short cut? Or the way she playfully pairs feminine and grunge pieces together? We may never be able to pin it down, but we can take notes. And while we’re at it, we can get a taste of it with her latest edit with Victoria’s Secret, which is of course styled with a Rapinoe angle.

Game day

Serving pre-game has become akin to a sport itself in recent years—and Rapinoe has rightly leaned into it. She paired her black slacks and basic white tee with the most chic red-white-and-blue leather jacket for a touch of team spirit. The rainbow-colored Pit Vipers are the perfect sporty chic addition.

Off duty 

This one is a no-brainer. Rapinoe just does monochromatic neutrals right in her pleated cream-colored slacks, white cropped tank and Nike high-tops.

Timeless with a twist

To prove her versatility, here we have a stunning tailored moment with fiancé and fellow SI Swimsuit model, WNBA star Sue Bird. The warm white suit, which features a vintage-inspired cut on the trouser is a perfect, interesting touch. The pairing with a plain white tank top keeps this feeling very much under Rapinoe’s edgy umbrella. And let’s not overlook the simple diamond necklace and Cartier tank watch.

Understated sexy 

While loafers appear to be having a major moment in the fashion world, this chunky square toe and cropped trouser is nice to see in a Victoria’s Secret campaign. “I believe that when you’re comfortable, confidence shines through,” Rapinoe shared.

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