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These Body Positivity Influencers Want You to Love and Respect Your Body

Here’s your daily reminders that our bodies are all different, and that’s good!

Accepting your body is different from loving it, which is also different from respecting it. Luckily for us, there are more and more advocates using their platforms to remind us that we are more than the way we look, and we should respect and honor the bodies that carry us through our days. Countless women who have graced the pages of the Swimsuit Issue remind us of these lessons. Take Ashley Graham’s body positivity conversations throughout her pregnancies, or the numerous models that have given some extra love and visibility to their stretch marks.

Social media is a platform that connects us, but the constant appeal of sharing our highlight reels instead of our vulnerabilities can make it hard to remember that Instagram is not real life and most people struggle with confidence and body image. Last month on SI Swimsuit’s Instagram, we featured female influencers who are creating change, opening up conversations and celebrating others with their platforms. Read on to see some of the women whose messages inspire us.

Tiffany Ima

Ima struggled with her body image for years and always looked at exercise as a way to get skinny. Her mindset shifted when she made the change to instead look at exercise as a tool for health. She now uses her platforms to help others also make this shift and live by her message to ditch the body shame and, instead, feel at home in the body you have, no matter what stage it's at. Her content is full of body confidence tips, words of encouragement, ways to make mindset shifts and insight on how she embraces her body daily. Head to @tiffanyima to see more about her story.

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Mik Zazon

As a virtual health coach, speaker, blogger, social media influencer and someone who has suffered from multiple eating disorders, Zazon strives to help women find their confidence and embrace every imperfection their bodies may have. Her platforms shed light on her own journey of finding comfort in her own skin along with suggestions on products and information within the health and fitness industry. Head to @mikzanon to see more about her story.

Remi Bader

Bader is a viral TikTok star, curve model, queen of realistic hauls and the fashion industry's hilarious yet relatable face we all know and love. She has spent the past year completely inspiring brands to make the shift towards becoming more inclusive in their sizing.“Why are we blaming ourselves when a lot of these fashion brands, most of them just aren’t inclusive yet? And it’s such a struggle for people like me to shop.” Her platform has completely exploded and is the place to go for discussions on brand inclusivity, confidence-building, prioritizing mental health and creating change. Head to @remibader to see more about her story.

Sarah Nicole Laundry

Landry is a mother, writer, content creator and body-confidence advocate who uses her platform to share her journey of learning to love her body with the changes that came after giving birth. She believes that her reflection in the mirror is so much more than just what the eye can see, it’s a reflection of:

“A human,
A learner,
A lover,
A friend,
A writer,
A dreamer,
And literally whatever else I fill the days with til the end.”
- @thebirdspapaya