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Natalie Mariduena Swears by These Foods for a Healthy Gut

The SI Swimsuit model shared a glimpse inside her fridge.

Earlier this month, Natalie Mariduena opened the pearly gates of her kitchen to give Women’s Health a peek with a seriously fantastic fridge tour. As it turns out, the SI Swimsuit model has a whole shelf dedicated to cultivating a healthy gut. Gut health has been linked to the proper functioning of the immune system and your digestive health, making it vital for your overall well-being. It’s also central to the nervous system, thereby directly affecting your mental health.

“On the top shelf I have all of my health essentials. I’m a big gut health kind of gal,” Mariduena says. “Every morning I take a scoop of my Sea Moss Gel. It actually tastes like applesauce with that sort of consistency. It’s supposed to be amazing for you. I take it every morning and it’s a good little boost of energy.” (Note: Sea Moss Gel has not been approved by the FDA. There may be benefits to this newly touted superfood but it’s important to read up on it beforehand to see if it’s right for your diet.)

Mariduena also shares her devotion to kombucha. “I’m also a huge Kombucha girl,” she says. “I have my Health-Ade Kombucha. First thing in the morning before I put any food in, gotta drink a kombucha.” Kombucha is a fermented black tea filled with probiotics.

To further support her digestion, Mariduena drinks Aloe Vera Fillet Juice from The Vitamin Shoppe. “It’s really great for your digestion. It helps balance if you’re having an upset tummy or you need help going to the bathroom. Whatever you gotta do, this is your gal.”

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In her middle shelf, Mariduena keeps an array of fresh fruits. “My favorite though is my mango with some Tajin on it. This is a household staple. My roommate, Reggie, and I could literally eat this all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” She also makes her own green juice which includes spinach, celery, ginger, lemon and green apple. “This is a very, very big essential for me,” says Mariduena.

While Mariduena focuses heavily on her gut health and loads up on probiotics—she calls that a “big priority for her health”—she’s not afraid to indulge in some delicious takeout. “We eat out quite often. I love Chinese takeout. I could eat it all the time. It’s a meal staple for me during the week. We’ve got some chow mein in there. A little orange chicken. All the Chinese takeout essentials.” Still, she tries to eat more plant-based food than anything else and always keeps some Beyond Meat in her fridge.

Mariduena’s gut health is in good hands thanks to her stocked fridge of healthy goodies. You can watch the full Fridge Tour below.