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Read Hunter McGrady's Words On Display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

The SI Swimsuit model has a quote on the evolution of beauty displayed in the prestigious museum.

You might know SI Swimsuit vet Hunter McGrady from her 2018 In Her Own Words shoot or you may have been struck by her vulnerability opening up about her mental health struggles, or speaking candidly on her experiences as a new mom

But did you know that in 2019 she contributed commentary for an exhibit about the cultural mythologizing of identity in the Smithsonian American Art Museum? The SI Swimsuit team got McGrady’s rapid-fire take on a slew of questions. While the questions were handed out quickly, this answer made us want to slow down and take it in.

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McGrady shared the words that were displayed at the Washington, D.C., monument. “The words of mine that have been published in the Smithsonian are a little bit long so can I have my phone? … Our cultural understanding of beauty is changing by the way that we are actually acknowledging all different aspects of beauty. Beauty has evolved so drastically over the years and I feel as though we have finally gotten to a place where diversity is becoming more and more visible. For so long beauty has had such a narrow definition, but as we've evolved as human beings, we are realizing that beauty is truly ubiquitous. I have so graciously been given a platform to rise above what society has deemed beautiful for so many years, I'm able to speak out and be a voice for a generation that has felt as though they were not seen.”

Just by being her authentic self, McGrady enlightens, inspires and evokes the empathy in all of us to see the beauty in everyone. And while she still has haters who she consciously combats, she is persistent in using her platform to speak for the unspoken.

When the SI asked her what the secret to loving yourself is, McGrady responded, “Just own every aspect of your life in every stage of your life.” McGrady never disappoints and this rapid-fire interview was no different. “I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me.”

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