These Skincare Tools Are Perfect Additions to Your Bathroom Cabinet

Whether you want to splurge or find affordable beauty products, here are our suggested brands.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on that monthly facial, which could get costly, to take care of any skin issues like acne, fine lines or wrinkles. In the last few years, there has been an increase in at-home skincare tools on the market, allowing you to turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. With all of these new products also comes confusion into exactly what is needed to maintain and improve your skincare routine.

They also run the gamut of extremely affordable to splurges while having a range of functions. A jade roller is great for increasing circulation in the face and lymphatic drainage whereas a LED mask gets under the skin for advanced benefits. Keep scrolling for an assortment of beauty tools that are worth the investment. Put them in your arsenal and people will be asking you who your esthetician is.

EcoTools Jade Roller Duo, $14.99

EcoTools Jade Roller

The jade stone is a naturally cold stone, so the benefits when used on the face are reduced puffiness or inflammation and increased circulation. The EcoTools Jade Roller set also has a smaller jade-tipped under-eye roller for the smaller areas on the face. Both help with drainage and allow skincare products to penetrate more. EcoTools uses recycled waste by incorporating recycled aluminum and plastic in their products.

Artis Fini Brush, $29.50


The Fini brush, which is named after the French word for finished, is multi-purpose and meant as the last step in glamming. The unique curved handle is also representative of a fish’s fin for easy comfort when holding. After cleansing and using the other beauty tools, this brush can add everything from moisturizer to powder makeup flawlessly. The bristles are made from dense but gentle fibers that consist of over 200,000 engineered CosmeFibres which impart superior blending and distribution of makeup products across the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Cyro-Recovery Face Mask, $55

Charlotte Tilbury Cryo Mask

The skincare connoisseur and famed makeup artist of Salma Hayek, Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford has put her expertise into this new face mask. The cryo-recovery mask was inspired by the high-performance ice technology of cryotherapy and the ancient art of facial acupressure techniques that help create the appearance of lifted, firmer, smoother and refreshed skin. Unlike other face masks, this one is reusable and made from flexible, skin-cushioning silicone for added comfort and washability. Put the mask in the freezer for 30 minutes ahead of use and then, once it is in place, secure it with the Velcro straps and massage the metal beads into pressure points and relax.

Zena Foster Beauty Sonic Gold Beauty Bar, $59.99 

Zena Foster Beauty

With 6,000 vibrations per minute, this Sonic Gold Beauty Bar by Zena Foster Beauty will guarantee a calming effect while rejuvenating facial skin and relieving tension in the facial area. The 24K massage bar is lightweight and is small enough to move seamlessly around the face in upward and outward motions. Three to five minutes a day is enough to depuff and help with sinus pressure.

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer, $59.99

Vanity Planet steamer

Steaming is great for dehydrated skin. It clarifies the complexion, offers better blood circulation and makes skin more receptive to skincare treatments, which results in a more moisturized and softer appearance. Aira uses an ion generator that enriches the water molecules, helping the steam penetrate and clean even deeper. For optimal results, use this no longer than 15 minutes a day, two to three times a week.

Georgia Louise Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone, $75


Georgia Louise, the go-to esthetician for Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock and more, has taken her facial massage technique and put it into a product for your home. The butterfly-shaped tool is meant to lift, drain and sculpt the face by hitting all the facial contour points. To reduce puffiness, this can be kept in the fridge for an added benefit. By following a specific motion, the Butterfly Stone helps with lymphatic drainage, which is important for detoxifying the skin. The rose quartz crystal has healing capabilities that go beyond the face. For a great night’s sleep, place the stone under your pillow to help calm your thoughts and improve your shut eye. Pair this with the Georgia Louise for Toast Your Grace Bi-Phase Serum ($270), a hemp-infused skincare line meant to calm, protect and transform the skin.

DermaFlash DERMAPORE Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser, $99

DermaFlash Dermapore

On one side of the DERMAPORE Ultrasonic device, ultrasonic wave technology loosens pore-clogging substances for painless extraction. The curved spatula glides effortlessly over your nose, chin and forehead to remove blackheads, dirt, oil and debris. The other side is great to ensure serums, masks and moisturizers get deep beneath the skin’s surface.

Reduit BOOST, $199

Reduit Boost

Former physicist Paul Peros created the skincare device BOOST, which uses pulsed electromagnetic field technology and LED light therapy. Powered by NASA technology to electrically stimulate bone growth in humans in weightless conditions, it now makes your favorite creams and serums more effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, uneven and dull skin tones and acne. Using your fingers to apply products results in only four percent of active ingredients actually getting absorbed; with BOOST, the absorption rate is increased four times by pushing diamagnetic materials like water deeper into the skin. BOOST also has an app that will determine the best skin regimen for you and detects active ingredients and programs waveforms to push them to the right depth. It’s also pocket-sized which makes it great for travel.

Therabody TheraFace Pro, $399


The company behind the highly-sought-after Theragun has come out with a product to highlight the importance of facial health. The all-in-one percussive TheraFace Pro helps reduce tension, relax facial muscles and achieve healthier looking skin with treatments tailored to your specific needs. WNBA star Breanna Stewart, who is featured in the 2022 SI Swimsuit Issue, is a fan of this tool that combines percussion, microcurrent, LED therapy and cleansing to treat any issues with your complexion and facial muscles by easing discomfort from headaches and jaw pain. The device comes with three percussive facial attachments, a microcurrent ring and conductive gel, LED ring with red, blue and red plus infrared as well as a cleansing ring. For an additional $99, the hot and cold rings can be added.

NuFace NuBody, $399


NuFace took their popular face product and incorporated the microcurrent technology into a device for the body. The microcurrent is a low-level electrical current that sends gentle waves through the skin to the muscles. It helps mimic and reenergize the body’s own natural current to tone and firm skin if used continuously for five minutes a day. It is FDA-cleared and esthetician-approved. Use it on the arms, buttocks, abs and thighs for optimal results. This comes with an aqua gel activator that will leave your skin feeling hydrated for 24 hours.

Shani Darden by DÉESSE Pro LED Light Therapy Mask, $1,900

Shani Darden Skin Care LED Light Mask Therapy - Pink

LED Light Therapy is one of Shani Darden’s favorite treatments in her sought-after facials for a next-level glow and firmer, clearer skin. The dermatologist-trained esthetician upgraded her LED Light Therapy Mask to have the latest technology with 237 LEDs, an exclusive and custom-designed neck attachment, integrated medical-grade silicone eye inserts and a quicker treatment time for a clinically proven, spa-grade treatment at home. All you need is 10 minutes a day and the skin improvements will become noticeable after 12 treatments.

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