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What I'm Loving


Each morning, an SI Swimsuit editor reveals something they are currently obsessed with. Here are their choices from the past week.


How Sweet It Is


Alyssa Conroy, Editorial Assistant: How Sweet It Is – Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love to cook so I always check out this blog for a quick recipe fix! She has the BEST desserts. I have attempted to make almost all of them & have failed miserably at a few. Practice makes perfect doesn’t it?! Caramelized peaches and cream with a toasted crumble is my next venture! Maybe you should make it too.


Apartment Therapy


Janine Berey, Editorial Coordinator: Apartment Therapy - This is my go to website for all things related to apartment living including decorating, budgeting, organizing, funky design tips and more. I live in a very small apartment in NYC so this website is key for me; especially with their “How To” do it yourself type projects. They even have fun entertaining tips and recipes for every season!




Darcie Baum, Associate Editor: Unearthen“Unearthen is one of my all time favorite jewelry brands. It plays on a line of dark and mystical, yet feminine and elegant. I mean, they make necklaces with crystals growing out of shell casings! I need that positive crystal energy any day of the year with this job!!”


People Pets


MJ Day, Swimsuit Editor:“When all hell is breaking loose in this office and I feel like I want to jump put a window, I spend 15 minutes here and I feel like a new human.  Nothing makes you smile like a cat tweaking.”


La Prairie products


Patrick de Fontbrune, Makeup Artist