5 Captivating Black and White Photos of Hunter McGrady

The five-time SI Swimsuit model chose empowering words to write on her body for the photoshoot.
Hunter McGrady.

Hunter McGrady.

Back in 2018, Hunter McGrady made a resounding statement by gracing the “In Her Own Words” photoshoot for SI Swimsuit. During this iconic moment, McGrady carefully selected words such as ”worthy,” “powerful,” “resilient,” “fearless,” “confidence,” “divine,” and “all me” to be painted on her body. Captured in New York City, these striking images were brought to life through the lens of photographer Taylor Ballantyne.

McGrady’s journey with SI Swimsuit began in 2017 when she was discovered through the model search program. That year marked her debut in a captivating body paint feature set against the stunning backdrop of Anguilla. Collaborating with photographer Josie Clough and makeup artist Joanne Gair, McGrady’s presence exuded confidence.

McGrady’s commitment to empowerment goes beyond the camera. She shared with SI Swimsuit that she finds inspiration from, “anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t belong.” She firmly voiced her determination to effect change, stating, “I will work tirelessly until we live in a world where we all feel worthy, because we all are worthy and deserve to be seen as so.”

Take a look back at five of our favorite photos from this iconic 2018 photoshoot.


SI Staff