A Day In The Life Of Camille Kostek

The 2019 SI Swimsuit cover model gives us a glimpse into her daily routine

We asked our models to give us the inside scoop on what a day in the life looks like for them. From cooking, to family time, to working and more...they truly do it all. Ever wonder what twenty-four hours in the life of a supermodel entail? Well then you're in luck! First up we have 2019 SI Swimsuit cover model Camille Kostek.

"I mean it whenever I say that I am living my dream job. I have always struggled to choose just one field to pursue professionally. So I am thankful that I have been able to pave my way into a place where I could take on all of them! I am a model, a TV personality, a public speaker, an actress, an activist for self-acceptance and a dancer. I am truly passionate about each thing I do and love to be present in each project I am in. This has been an extremely unique time for many of us across the nation, leading us to re-evaluate the important things in our lives and hit the pause button on our fast-paced existences. For me, it meant prioritizing the importance of my mind, body and spirit. I am one to speak on the importance of self-reflection and how powerful the mind can be over our well-being. My day-to-day routine typically reflects what is coming up next on my schedule but I wanted to share what my most recent days have been looking like without travel and big shoot dates on the calendar. This is a Day in the Life of Camille in Quarantine.

8am: I find myself waking up around this time naturally without an alarm set. I am a night owl and will typically fall asleep around midnight. Lately my body clock has been waking up just after the eight-hour sleeping point. I’m greatly impacted by the amount of sleep I have each night. If I don’t get a full night's sleep, my energy levels are low, my mood isn’t as uppity and I lack motivation in my day. So a solid night of sleep is essential for me to be at my full potential. The first thing I do is step outside onto my bedroom balcony to take in some fresh air and do some basic stretches. I like to start by taking a deep breath while lifting my arms up overhead, then I exhale as I bend forward to reach for the ground. I always step outside barefoot and away from my phone. My day is spent in front of the computer and phone screens so I try to start off away from electronics. I do some light stretching, leg up on the railing and move side to side. Sometimes I end laying on my back and staring into the sky. I take a few moments to be still and think positive thoughts heading into the day, affirmations like “Thank you for another day” “Today is a great day” “I am joy, I am kind, I am loving, I am grateful.”

9am: After I feel I’ve spent a good amount of time energizing my body and mind peacefully, I head into the bathroom to splash my face with ice cold water and begin my skin care routine. I follow that with my every-day makeup look and my outfit of the day. Even though I haven’t been leaving the house much through this pandemic, I am typically on video call meetings and filming content so I always like to be camera ready for whatever the day has in store from home.

10am: Time to make and eat a healthy breakfast. I start to get into my computer once I sit down to eat. I work and eat at this point. I read and reply to emails while making a to-do list for the day of my top priorities. This list will consist of the schedule of calls to be on, emails that have to be responded to and a rundown of content to capture, complete and submit.

11am-2pm: Video meetings begin. These calls range from checking in with my agents and management team to discuss all things across the board of projects happening in my life to introductory meetings with new brands. Sometimes I am pitching TV show ideas to networks or being interviewed by a team for a new role for a show or partnership. No matter what I am always all in and laser-focused on whatever I am working at and whoever I am working with. I LOVE being hands on for all projects and love being busy with work from home while it can’t be on the road.

2pm: Lunch break (stay tuned this week for Camille’s go-to menu!)

3pm: Content creation. Once the scheduled meetings are in the bag, I’ll start to film content for the brands I work with or host IG live videos sharing my workouts or Q&A-type stuff. I love streaming my workouts as it’s a way for me to connect with a crew of people through the screen while we have been lacking human connection.

5pm: This is when I will head out to ride my bike or take a walk through a nature trail with my boyfriend. I love this time to talk about how our days have gone while enjoying being disconnected from the electronic world we all have turned to more than ever during these times for work.

6:45pm: Rob and I cook and eat dinner together.

8pm: Infrared sauna time

9pm: Shower. Then I hang with my man. We may watch a movie and then we meditate before bed.

11pm: I end my day by writing in my journal about affirmations, manifestations, and thoughts.

1130pm: GOODNIGHT"

Alyssa Conroy