A Day in the Life: Robin Holzken

The three-time SI Swimsuit model gives us a glimpse into her daily routine.

We asked our models to give us the inside scoop on what a day in the life looks like for them. From cooking to family time, to working and more...they truly do it all. Ever wonder what twenty-four hours in the life of a supermodel entail? Well, then you're in luck! Next up we have SI Swimsuit model Robin Holzken.

"I have to say, my days are not that entertaining since we’re still dealing with COVID-19. There’s a lot of being stuck inside. But I am trying to get some sort of routine back into my life so let’s start my day.

I like to take it slow in the mornings and take my time to wake up. I normally watch TV while having breakfast. I am watching one series on Netflix right now called “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.” Around noon I normally workout at home, I like to do one or two of my workout videos and a little 25-minute Tabata workout. If you don’t know, a Tabata workout is a high-intensity interval training session which will get your heart rate up. It’s great cardio! Then I usually finish up with a 20-minute stretch.

After I shower and get ready, I like to go to lunch at one of my favorite places, Butcher’s Daughter, with one of my friends. This time was especially nice since I haven’t been to a restaurant in basically three months. I was very excited to go and have some avocado toast and juice (my classic order).

Later in the afternoon, I practice playing the piano. I bought myself a keyboard because I’ve always wanted to play an instrument and thought that right now, with everything going on, would be the perfect time to learn. I am teaching myself from a book right now, old school. I’m not very good but, as they all say, practice makes perfect.

At night I go for a nice evening walk. I like walking later during the day since there are fewer people on the streets and it’s not as hot out. After I come home I play the card game Solitaire – I am trying to not watch as much TV anymore before I go to bed because it keeps me up at night. And that was kind of it for my day."

Alyssa Conroy