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Adaora: 25 Facts About Me

Adaora :: Kayt Jones/SI

Adaora :: Kayt Jones/SI

 Adaora has appeared in two SI Swimsuit issues (2012, 2013). She got her start in high school she was approached by a scout from John Casablanca's. In addition to Sports Illustrated, Adaora has modeled for Garnier, Abercrombie and Fitch, JC Penney and Macy's. 

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1. I almost joined a convent.

2. I can't swim.

3. I know how to play the alto saxophone and the tuba.

4. I majored in English.

5. I had to shave my hair off while attending a Christian missionary school in Nigeria.

6. I got to meet and work with my shero Beyonce.

Beyonce Knowles :: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Beyonce Knowles :: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

7. I'm a Pisces.

8. I am one of nine siblings.

9. I hit a parked car the first year that I got my drivers license.

10. I know how to double-dutch.

11. I was born in Hartford, CT

12. I love being an aunt.

13. Easter is my favorite holiday.

14. I went to my first concert at 18.

15. My first celebrity crush was Kobe Bryant.

16. My all time favorite musician is Bob Marley.

Bob Marley :: Getty Images

Bob Marley :: Getty Images

17. I spend hours in bookstores.

18. I worked with children with Autism for 2 yrs.

19. I write short stories.

20. I have a fear of snakes and pandas (don't judge).

21. I suffered from malaria more than once.

22. Shopping for myself and for others makes me happy.

23. I can cry on command.

24. People enjoy my cooking.