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Meet My Pet

Alyssa Miller and Charlie

Dream of going to bed and waking up next to Alyssa Miller? Some dogs have all the luck. SwimDaily sat down with Miller to talk about Charlie, her year-old Boston Terrier.

SwimDaily: So, the burning question -- does Charlie sleep in your bed?

Alyssa Miller: Yes. She curls up right next to me like we're spooning

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SD: How did you get Charlie?

AM: I really wanted to get a dog but my boyfriend needed some convincing. One day Darcie [SI swimsuit associate editor Darcie Baum] brought her dog over. The next day we got a dog. I have to thank her.

SD: Speaking of your boyfriend -- does Charlie ever get jealous when you two are trying to hug or kiss?

AM: Not jealous. Charlie just kisses both of us at the same time. We'll be kissing, and she'll stick her tongue right in the middle. It's gross.


SD: Is Charlie a good eater?

AM: No, she's like an anorexic dog. I've never seen anything like it, she doesn't want to eat. She's always preoccupied with other things. Unless we're eating -- then she begs for my food. But her food, she's not interested in that.

SD: What's the most mischievous thing you've caught your dog doing?

AM: We have a cowhide rug in our bedroom, and it's heavy. Even I have a hard time lifting it. But every time we leave the bedroom door open, Charlie tears the whole thing up and it ends up in the hallway or in the living room. She's tiny. I don't know how she does it.


SD: But I'm guessing you can't stay mad at her.

AM: Exactly. I'm like "okay," and then I drag the rug back in. I never really discipline her.

SD: So for anyone out there thinking of getting a dog, you say go for it?

AM: I tell everyone to get a dog. She brings so much light and love into my life. I wake up every morning in a good mood because she gives you her little puppy face and we play in the bed. There's like a 10-minute snuggle fest. It's the best.