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Workout Secrets From Anne De Paula

Want to workout like a SI Swimsuit model? Anne De Paula offers some advice.

Fitness is a huge part of SI Swimsuit model Anne De Paula's life. As a model, however, her life is spent on the road. So how does Anne manage to stay in such great shape while living out of a suitcase? We caught up with the Brazil native to find out her tips for working out on the road, motivational music and the two items she always carries in her gym bag.

Sports Illustrated: What is your favorite type of workout?

Anne De Paula: Muay Thai, without a doubt. It’s a lifestyle for me. I love it and it’s good for your body. It’s also amazing for the mind.

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SI: Are you able to keep up with your Muay Thai training while on the road?

ADP: The big thing I can do at home is shadow box. It's really fun and you can do it anywhere. I actually have a punching bag at home in Brazil and I’ll use it when I'm there. But in New York, when I'm home, I'll just shadow box and it's great. 

SI: Why shadow boxing? That's not the typical workout for a swimsuit model. 

ADP: Honestly, it's such a great workout. It helps build muscles in your arms and wrist. Plus it's great for stamina.

SI: Do you find it hard to motivate and work out while traveling?

ADP: Not really. I don’t work out just because I have to or I want to achieve something. It’s for my mind and to feel good and be healthy.


SI: What are your other favorite forms of cardio?

ADP: I work on my core muscles, push-ups and sit-ups. Jump rope I like to do at home. Squats too—I do those whenever I can. I also have weights for my legs and resistance bands that I use at home. I'm lucky because I also have a gym in my apartment building so I try and go three times per week when I'm in town.

SI: What are your favorite outdoor workouts?

ADP:  I do body weight workouts in the park but even walking around is great exercise. I walk everywhere when it's nice out and you get a good workout if it's a busy day. Now is the perfect time to be outside. It’s not that hot like summertime but not that cold either.

What is your least favorite exercise:

ADP: Running. I just don't like it. [Laughs.] I don’t think I ever ran on the street. If I had to do it, I’d do it at the gym and just for 10 minutes. I’ve never done a 30 minute run. I can't imagine that.

SI: What's your choice of music when you work out?

ADP:I don’t know if you’ve ever heard Brazilian Funk—it’s like hip-hop in Portuguese but harder. It’s very motivating but you don’t want to hear what they’re saying. It makes me feel like I’m in Brazil. I am having fun, I have my headphones on and in my head, I’m dancing to all the Brazilian funk.

SI: What are the one or two items you always has in her gym bag?

ADP: Water and a towel. Always.